Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Hill 122 Part 9: The Turning Plow

In this episode, which concludes the series on Hill 122, Lieutenant Jim Flowers is reunited at the 1995 reunion of the 90th "Texas-Oklahoma" Infantry Division with Claude Lovett, who led the platoon that rescued him and Jim Rothschadl; and Dr. William McConahey, who treated their wounds and later wrote about Flowers in his book "Battalion Surgeon."

Podcast: Lieutenant Tarr's Platoon

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Hill 122 Part 8: "It says here hand to hand combat ... that's me."

Many podcasts have background music. In this and a couple of other episodes, the background music is provided by a radio or TV playing in the next room. It's annoying, but only a minor distraction from the compelling events being described. In Part 8 of the Hill 122 series, you'll hear from Michael Vona, Clarence Morrison and Kenneth Titman, whose tank was one of four that were knocked out in the battle. Vona gives a chilling account of hand to hand combat. For more about Hill 122, go to the Audio Books aisle of the WW2 Oral History Store at and click on "The Middle of Hell."

Podcast: Lieutenant Tarr's Platoon