Sunday, November 17, 2019

Hill 122, Part 7: A Side Trip to Anzio

When Myron Kiballa received the letter from his family telling him his brother Jerry was killed, he had just gotten out of the hospital after being wounded at Anzio. Reading the letter, he said, was like entering the Twilight Zone. For more of the story of Hill 122, visit There will be more about Hill 122 in the next few podcast episodes. First, though, let's hear about Anzio.

Podcast: Lieutenant Tarr's Platoon

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Hill 122, Part 6: No Man's Land

In this episode Lieutenant Jim Flowers and his gunner describe the two days and nights they spent in no man's land waiting to be rescued and fearing they wouldn't. But first, we solve the mystery of how a fellow named Rothschadl grew up on an Anishanaabe Indian reservation in Minnesota. For more on the battle of Hill 122 involving the first platoon, Company C, of the 712th Tank Battalion, check out They Were All Young Kids in print or for Kindle at amazon, or order the audio epic "The Middle of Hell" in the ecommerce section of

Podcast: Lieutenant Tarr's Platoon

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Hill 122, Part 5: Jim Flowers' statement

This episode of War As My Father's Tank Battalion Knew It begins with a description of a letter gunner Jim Rothschadl wrote to his younger brother from his hospital bed, and concludes with a statement Lieutenant Jim Flowers wrote from his hospital bed after being recommended for the Medal of Honor (he received the Distinguished Service Cross). There will be more from my interviews with Flowers and Rothschadl in the next episode.

Podcast: Lieutenant Tarr's Platoon

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Hill 122, Part 4: Survivor Guilt

Tank commander Judd Wiley describes a harrowing week of combat leading up to the battle for Hill 122, in which nine members of the First Platoon, Company C, 712th Tank Battalion were killed. Among them were the tight-knit crew of Wiley's Sherman tank, a day after he was injured and evacuated. For Wiley's full interview, and interviews with several survivors of the battle, check out "The Middle of Hell" in the ecommerce store at, or "They Were All Young Kids" in print and for Kindle at amazon.

Podcast: Lieutenant Tarr's Platoon